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About Us

A little history on yAAAs! Cookies.

Vaughn Hill started baking cookies from a recipe passed down from his grandmother, Myrtle Hill, when he was about 10 years old. What started out as a late-night activity blossomed year after year, with customers wanting more and more of his signature cookies. Vaughn then decided to start selling during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays to take the baking stress off families who were cooking large meals. Almost a decade later, his product inventory grew and Vaughn began offering more than just chocolate chip cookies — white chocolate chip, oatmeal, vegan, skinny cookies and gluten-free. He needed a place to advertise these cookies so a website was created to showcase the selection and he named it “VaughnChris Cookies.”

Some bumps in the road, including two relocations, finishing an Information Sciences and Technology degree and a host of other hurdles, slowed down Vaughn’s dream of one day owning a storefront. Through persistence and hard-work, that dream finally became a reality with his first storefront location opening in Atlanta, GA.  Vaughn decided in this new season of the business to give it a new name and a new look, and “yAAAs! Cookies” was born.

Still the same great taste — just a different name — stemming from a simple recipe carried across three generations.

You can still find the original Chocolate Chip cookie that set this whole thing in motion listed in our products section.

All of our cookies are freshly baked-to-order with real ingredients and each is individually hand-scooped.  You will want a dozen just for yourself, but our cookies are also designed for sharing!